As a small freelance business, Aether Motion knows the importance of helping other artists achieve their cinematic dreams. That's why a portion of profits are put aside every year for arts charities, Kickstarter donations, film investment, and other contributions to the indie film community. We will keep this page continuously updated with our philanthropic support, and we encourage you to help filmmakers in your community as well.

4.30.2016: Aether Motion donated $30 to the IndieGogo campaign of Godly Acres, a web series produced by Charleston writer Crystal Smith Connelly. Please join us in donating to this campaign, which asks for $2000 for "paying and feeding the cast and crew, paying a second cameraman, buying props and costumes, and possibly renting a filming location."

We also implore you support the North Charleston Arts Festival, as well as the Charleston International Film Festival. Both events are wonderful additions to this city and provide a much needed platform for local filmmakers.